Updated development video now out! Check it out here!

Hey everyone!

As promised, the new video is out, and while it’s a bit longer than usual (almost 50 minutes!) it’s chock full of content and showing some of the new graphics, UI, and systems we’ve been working on. We are targeting more frequent updates – every two weeks or so, just to keep ourselves honest if nothing else. There should also be 2 blog posts a week ideally, but at least one no matter what. We’re working on cleaning up the forums – we had an attack of spammers a month or so ago, and we’re just about done cleaning up all that nonsense. We hope to have a tentative early access release date pretty soon, where you’ll be able to buy in on the ground floor and be eligible for all future updates. We’re getting closer, as you can hopefully see from this video. I’m personally excited to be working on the game actively again and I think you’ll be impressed with the strides we’ll be taking over the next several weeks!

Anyway, the link is here:https://youtu.be/0u1D2FvLHig

Don’t forget that we have our own channel that you can subscribe to for updates in real-time. Hundreds have signed up, why don’t YOU?? 🙂

Until soon,




  1. Great video Steve. Quite a range of personalities to deal with! I’m really looking forward to seeing how the character drama plays out…betrayal, assassination attempts, etc. as well as how the military works.
    I tried to sign up to the forum on Imperia5x but it won’t accept any answers to the question “What do any of the 4 ‘x’s stand for in a 4X-themed game?”. Tried all of the 4x’s and no go.

  2. Hey ken! Sorry that you’re having trouble. I’ll check the answers and make sure that I have the capcha set up correctly. We had some issues with forum spammers flooding our forum so we had to take additional measures. Glad you’re excited about the game – we are too!

    1. Thanks Steve but now it’s saying my registration has been rejected because it resembles automated or spam-like behavior.

  3. I tried to register to the forums to download the game but I’m not receiving any confirmation mail. Any way you could help?

  4. I hope you haven’t fallen back into feeling like an impostor, Steve! Lots of us are out here waiting for more details on what’s going on and what the plans are. It’s never too late to try and get to the blog rate that you alluded to targeting!

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