Hey everyone!

Sorry the blog hasn’t gotten much love lately. I’ve had a lot going on with my ‘real job’ but rest assured we’ve been working on a lot of design and structure with Imperia, and we’ve even done some programming as well! Here’s the latest video blog. If you haven’t been to the Imperia channel, this will have all our videos, LPs, diaries, etc. Check it out!

More coming soon!


Hey all!!

Back from a little vacation to get recharged, and hot off the press is .412! Lot of changes, and some neat UI stuff. Highly recommend to get. Also, the beginnings of the finance screen are in, and some fixes for lower resolutions should have something for everyone!

EDIT: .412a had a fatal error having to do with dependencies requested that didn’t exist in the build. I have removed all those dependencies and have uploaded as .412b. Please try that version if your install didn’t work. Thanks!

V.412 Changelog



* Fixed several graphical issues, especially with lower resolutions

* Fixed issue where taxes were not being calculated properly

* Fixed bug where calculating trades could cause a crash

* Fixed most remaining instances of numbers/money amounts being out of sync

* Fixed issue where projected cash flow was not accurately taking into account sector growth for next month

* Fixed issue where you could go negative on the ADM used when creating an Edict


* Added empire treasury screen. This will greatly expand in future releases but for now you can see your sector-level profitability. As the game evolves you will have to manage your sectors first as well as your sector governors and this will be the first stage in that reporting.

* Added trade summary on planet screen. This shows what trades were coming and going, the status of the station, what kind of trades the planet can do, and eventually it will show the corruption (new concept!) and efficiency of the planet’s trade

* Added planet summary panels on the system screen. These panels show just about everything you would want to know about a planet in easy icon form. Will add tooltips for future versions.

* Added starbase effective range concept. In previous versions, a level I starbase was just as effective as a level V starbase as far as covering a part of space and supporting stellar missions/Edicts. This didn’t make sense from a gameplay perspective, so changed to be an exponential range increase based on starbase level. The downside to this is that starting in .413, the empire will have to pay 50% maintenance for all starbases.

* Added kickback information to emperor screen, so you can see how much money is coming in each turn from your less savory sources.

* Added additional comments/results for the ‘Have Conversation’ action. Now, depending on your charisma, you can learn additional things about the character, and they may even join your alliance if you are persuasive enough! Added charisma as the primary weight mechanism, with modifiers for intelligence, age difference, traits, and loyalty (was not considered before). This should produce more realistic interactions, where people who hate you all of a sudden love you and support you on the basis of one conversation

* Tweaked balance further now that the sector economy level is starting to be developed

* Added functionality to Edict creation screen. Now shows real-time what adding ADM to an Edict will do for a system/sector/planet cash flow. Also added ability to use a planet’s materials if they are out of ADM, so a system/sector can now use the remaining materials on the planet before dipping into their reserve.

* Added the ability for Logistical stations to send goods to their immediate trade hub only. May not send upstream to other planets for emergency supply.

* Added more Pressure/Persuade effects, should all be done except for personal actions (blue)

* Changed economic profits. Before, a sector could be losing billions of dollars and it would be subsidized by magic, apparently, since the money was never accounted for. Starting in .412, sectors that are not profitable will subtract from the total tax base of the planet before imperial and sector taxes are considered. This will make it more important to pay attention to ‘black hole sectors’ of your economy. On the plus side, made manufacturing and agriculture more profitable to somewhat compensate.



Hey everyone!

The newest version of Imperia is out – there aren’t a lot of visible changes, but there are a lot of changes under the hood! The balance has been changed signifcantly, so that the game is easier and the fact that you can do more per turn should make it more fun! Please try this build if you have been frustrated with the difficulty of the game (i.e. hell planets)


V.411 Changelog



*Fixed issue with scroll arrows not working on non-native resolutions

*Fixed issue with taxes not properly being lowered if people were leaving due to unrest, or to other population factors

*Significantly improved balance – planet habitable minimum bio levels are now 60, not 50. Also made numerous small tweaks to planet generation. The upshot is there should no longer be any ‘hell’ planets as in earlier versions. This is in conjunction with the static modifier change below.
*Raised MDLs for smaller Class 0 and 1 planets
*Changed calculations for mineral and food – now they produce less per level, but balanced somewhat with less need for them
*Added more money to planet treasuries
*Viceroy economic AI has been given a pass; now unless they’re really stupid, they’ll raise taxes more effectively to get a planet out of the red.
*Lowered cost of government/infrastructure
*Added component to power rating: Astrographic power – basically the more sectors you control, and the more powerful they are, the higher your power
*Added new concept: Edict XP. Every turn that a planet, system, or sector contributes to an active Edict, the government modifier increases slightly, eventually allowing more ADM points per population on the planet.
*Added new concept: static modifier. This means that if everything is neutral, meaning nothing great or terrible is happening, popular support will slowly drop each turn. This reflects your empire people’s need to see your empire grow and expand, not stay static. To support this, costs and ADM time have been cut for many Edicts, especially exploration Edicts. Remember that Edicts that are supported by the Imperial capital’s time is affected greatly by your power rating.

*Tweaked galaxy generation to space planets a little bit farther apart

*Planets now have separate mineral values based on class; i.e. radiated planets will have a much higher chance of having luxury minerals and materials than an ice world

*Increased minimum range for warp engines (this will allow mission range to be higher at start)

*Added a few more characters
*New cover art
*Adding a few interstitial screens between turns.
*Money and numbers are now rounded to the nearest whole digit and one decimal point, e.g. $1,343,124 dollars (which was in thousands anyway and was confusing) is now $1.3b. I’d like some feedback on this change, to know whether these numbers are easier to understand.

Hello all!!

Sorry it took a few days longer, but I had some issues with audio mixing and my first attempt was a video that ended up being over an hour long! Going forward, I will post smaller videos that cover different parts of the game; this one is an overview tutorial and shows the current UI. The next video(s) will show a tutorial LP that explains more about how to play, and will be updated as newer versions of the game are completed!

Here is the link:

Enjoy! Oh, and .410 should be available by the end of the week!


Good news everyone – I have drawn a line on .410b and I have sent the build out for a few people to look over before I release it! I will also film the LP later tonight (I have to work tonight – on my b-day no less!) so look for that to be posted by tomorrow.

There are a TON of improvements in this version. Frankly, if you’re been playing .400 or less, you are going to need to relearn a lot of things. Among the major additions, without a complete changelog:

  • Totally revamped UI, including detailed event/alert UI
  • Military system added (armies and garrisons for now) that affect happiness, security, and can put down riots ruthlessly if needed 🙂
  • Revamped character system, added the pressure/persuasion system
  • Revamped intel system, split between domestic intel (allows you to know more info about your people on a planet) and political intel (allows you to know more about specific characters and conduct black ops)
  • Expanded help/tooltip system
  • Balanced to be much less punishing as far as materials and food shortages go
  • Character alliances are now in the game (think political parties)
  • Characters now have opinions of everyone above and below them in their ‘chain of command’ that affects their mood when you take action against/for someone in that chain
  • Characters now have jealousy ratings for everyone else in the game – this will drive their want/wish when that system is introduced

I will be posting some new screen shots tonight as well. I know that I promised that this would be out in November or December, but I have this bad habit of adding more and more stuff and getting distracted from my goals, so I’ve started writing down what I want to get done each day and it’s made a world of difference! (Yes, it’s a hobby and yes it’s free but still). Thank you all for your patience and hopefully everyone will get to play the new build in the next few days!!


Hey all!!

Been a busy week at my other (paying) job so haven’t had as much time to work on the game as I wanted. I do want to add the military stances system before I film the LP since I spent so much time getting the foundations into the game to begin with – wouldn’t it be nice if they actually did something? Shouldn’t be too long – in the meantime Pavlos and I have been adding even more graphics – now empire icons are in the game so that you finally have a symbol for your vast Empire!! Also some more tweaks to the UI, all which will be seen very soon. Maybe tomorrow? We’ll see. Thanks for reading!

And while we’re on the subject, I’d love to get your thoughts about what information you want to hear about Imperia. I don’t write sometimes because honestly I have no idea about what people want to know. People are visiting the site, but what do you want to know? Let me know in a comment – I’d appreciate the feedback!


ADDENDUM: The issue with the original .401 build has been corrected and the build has been reuploaded to Sourceforge. If you have been unable to launch the game, please try this build. There was a file misspelled that caused the issue. Sorry!

Hello all!

Welcome to the latest, newest, most exciting, and hopefully most stable version of Imperia yet!!

While this may appear to be a ‘small’ update, there is a lot of balancing under the hood. If you’ve been frustrated with unrest, please get this build – it gives you more tools to work with as well as makes unrest less punishing.

Here’s the full changelog:

Imperia V.401a Change Log/Readme

* Please uninstall any previous version of Imperia before installing a new version. I have not yet added patch ability. The good news is that the install is relatively quick.
* I am updating the WikiDot Imperia wiki periodically and this will be the best document for questions and how to play Imperia. Please refer back to it frequently.

* Fixed some issues with lower resolutions

* Added numerous new graphics, including planets, starbases, stars, and other spacey things
* Changed some layout/UI items
* Added several new requests for viceroys – ‘Lower Sector Taxes’ will lower taxes on the economic sector (if they agree) – this will allow more money to be spent on redevelopment of the sector and potentially raise the chance that the sector will grow, creating more jobs and items in the long run, with the short-term loss of some revenue. Also added ‘Raise Manufacturing Wages’ and ‘Raise Agriculture Wages’ to assist with unrest.
* Added code to allow beginnings of Military system, including garrisons, ground units, and ships. Note that this will not affect anything you see – yet – but may very slightly increase processing time.
* Changed ‘sector desirability’ number to have more meaning (this is the number next to the sector wage). Basically, if it’s above 1.0, pops will be happy with the pay, anything below 1, they will garner unrest even though they may still choose to work there. This directly relates to the ADL of the planet – so a $1.50 wage in agriculture on a 5 ADL planet will not cut it on a 25 ADL planet, due to the increased development of the planet’s economy and infrastructure. This should help understand why unrest increases and allow you to target specific sectors for your viceroy to work on.
* Added numerous character names with different nationalities for flavor.
* Added more character portraits for flavor.
* Optimized many graphics and removed excess/obsolete code, making the total download under 100Mb!

* Increased maximum Total Development Levels across the board – this made starting smaller planets more room
* Increased population per level of economic sector to 1.2 million
* Tweaked popular support and unrest factors to be less punishing
* Made taxes less of a drag on unrest
* Decreased some Edict costs further, including terraforming and exploration to encourage more empire development
* Decreased # of population required in the gov sector to create a Admin point to 240000 from 300000. This should make it easier to build Admin in less developed planets.

Unresolved Issues
* When loading a game, sometimes the alerts are in the wrong category. This only happens for the current turn and is more annoying than anything. Investigating.
* If you use the mousewheel to scroll up and down intel lists, it also effects the zoom level of the quadrant map. I can fix this, but it will require a rewrite of the zoom function and is not a huge priority at this time.

Enjoy, and as always, I’d love the feedback!!


Sorry for the length of time between updates – real life job sometimes gets longer and more job-y. However, I have recently had a few days off and I have put that time to good use, working hard on .3. I have listened to your requests (thanks to all who voted!) and I am wrapping up work on a quicksave/quickload system that will auto-save each turn AND let you save at any time by hitting F1 or quickload your last save by hitting F2. Since this is not a forms-based game, it is up to the programmer to create the save/load form by hand, so that’s a project for another day. There will also be a small debug feature that will let you turn off the system info bar on the galaxy screen (this is causing issues for a very small portion of people and I want to isolate it as an issue) by pressing hotkey ‘I’.

I have also worked on some data streamlining while I was mucking around in my classes and data managers, so hopefully you should notice some game speed improvements.  Since save and load seems to be far and away the most requested feature, it will be the primary feature in .3. Next after that? The emperor screen, with personal edicts and your tyrannical/nationalism rating, and more data about your reign that you can view. And after that? A (vastly) improved Economics screen, with Edicts for taxation limits, saving, and more! Also, I think I have worked out a good way to show trade flow, so that you should know where your goods are coming and going so that you can more accurately plan out your trade/manufacturing/embargo strategy.

Even though it wasn’t ‘voted’ high, I do want to start adding triggers and events generated by high character anger and jealousy. This will make your dealings with characters more circumspect and hopefully make the ‘bad boy’ path to victory a little more fraught with danger. This will also create the foundation for ‘coalitions’ of people working, say several sector governors working together if they hate you enough to destabilize a portion of your empire and work to discredit you among their people, seriously hurting your PoSup in those sectors. And I can’t wait until military/starships get put in! 😀

Finally, I will be spending all of Friday on the wiki. I am looking at moving to a different wiki system that is easier to edit and manage, so I’ll keep everyone posted.

I’m not going to give a firm release date for .3 except – Soon(tm)!