The people have spoken!!! See… this is why people should respond to my polls!! A clear majority of the respondents do not have access to 1080p monitors, and while I could be stubborn and say ‘damn them all, after all it’s free’, I decided to tackle it as an interesting programming challenge. And I am happy to say that I have developed a pretty neat scaling mechanism that will allow ANY resolution to play the game!

Imperia will now auto-detect your current resolution and set it to that, and when I set up an options screen you will be able to set a resolution in-game from there, and it will save from session to session. I already have the button bar, the main title screen, the top status bar, and the galaxy screen completed! All that’s left is the system screen (pretty easy), the intel screen (harder, but doable) and the planet screen (OMG). But I now have the process – it will just take some time and elbow grease. (That said, the graphics are still optimized for 1080p, so it won’t look as great, but YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY!!!) The alpha release should have this functionality!