1. A few ideas to the mix: Patreon (w/ optionally some exclusive insights or light-involvement in development) and maybe reach out to some streamers/youtubers who may be interested in a small “let’s look at early alpha game” (which would be like #2, but probably not “massive”).

    1. Interesting. I don’t know much about Patreon. I’ll have to look into that. I have some people who are interested in showing gameplay but I’m always wanting the game to be ‘little more done’ before showing it off. Maybe I need to be more flexible. Thanks for the comments!

    1. Thanks man. The more the merrier. Sounds like you’re going through some of what I am, creatively anyway. Push on through!!

  2. Wow, glad you’re back. It’s a tough situation, and there is never a guarantee of success, so it is always a risk. Having said that, #2 and #4 seem to be a must or find a publisher? It’s a tough road.

    Having said that, we’ll continue to cover your game, and hope for its success.

    1. The publisher is always the last resort because generally if they fund it or much of it, especially for a new developer with little clout, you’ve lost much of your control over your IP and game design, I have found/heard. I truly appreciate all the time y’all have spent on AotSS coverage – it really does help!

  3. Agree about Patreon. On the off-chance KS blows up, I’d recommend against any stretch goals and instead using that money to keep prices low and to minimise personal expenses on your part.

    A lower price as you approach release will definitely encourage fence-sitters to give the game a go and help with that marketing you were talking about.

  4. (Disclaimer : I am french so I apologize in advance for any grammar, syntaxes or any kind of typos in my post)


    I am new here so it is possible that the subject has already been talked about but why don’t you try selling your game on steam ?

    You’ll have access to millions and millions of potential buyers and since the 4X genre seem to be in a kind of revival I’m pretty sure you’re game will have some success. On the other hand a third of your revenues will go into Steam pocket but since Steam is the first game seller in the world I think it may be a valuable investment.

    I take this opportunity to talk about my problem (I’d post on the forum but I have yet to be accepted by an administrator) : My problem is, I bought the game three days ago and can’t download it. I can only download a 128 kb zip file that I can’t open. I tried downloading it with Opera, Firefox, Edge and Chrome. I also tried disabling my firewall and my anti-virus and downloading it from another computer… same drill each time.
    I wrote an email about that on your paypal mail adress but I don’t know if you use it for mail.

    I’m sorry talking about that here, where I am fully aware it is not the subject but I don’t know how to contact you, except in the forum which I can’t access for now.

    Anyway I already tried your demo and your game is really great, in fact it looks like my dream game and the artwork and UI are so gorgeous I could cry. I will back you on Kickstarter or Patreon or whatever your decision is.

  5. I would also like to give a rec towards patreon and instead of kickstarter I would say gofundme. With gofundme there are benefits that kickstarter doesnt have. namely being able to turn it into a store, continually receive funds even after the end date, keep funds even if you dont reach the fund goal.

    kickstarter lacks this

  6. I look forward to it!

    I hope that if the Kickstarter doesn’t work out completely, you will consider something like Patreon. This project deserves to succeed.

  7. Can’t wait! I already ordered it but I will also back it on kickstarter as I only paid $8. I really hope it goes well. I want this game to succeed. It’s going to be great.

  8. I though your project was dead since there were not much news (I don’t use twitter).
    It’s when explorminate talking about the project and the .7 updfate that I came to see this post (And… the previous one).

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Is this a mentally handicapped viceroy?
    If he wasn’t so friendly with me then I would just replace him. Instead spend a few APs meddling with his build plan and then move on, hopefully this will be enough to tell him what he should be doing

  10. This is fantastic to hear now that save and load is in I’ve been playing and having a blast but the learning curve is super steep and know why things happen and how to help or prevent issues is super difficult to work out.

    Love what your doing and look forward to the next update.

  11. Please please please please fix the Save/Load feature. The game says its saving, but then no save is found. I don’t care about the fact that every time I scroll over a Superterran world that I’m stuck with an empty infobox. If I could reload, that would not be a problem.

    I’d really like to see year 4 ingame.

    1. That missing tool-tip issue has been fixed, sir, in upcoming .7.3.0, release Tuesday! The load issue is actually something I’m working on, but there is a workaround: simply install the game to a user-defined location, any location other than the default, and it will work fine. Also, there will be a patcher skip option if you’re playing offline or just want to keep the current version because you have a good game going, etc.