.7 inbound! And a new Kickstarter coming soon!

Hello, everyone! Long time no see! Even though I’ve been quiet, I’ve been working a lot on the game and after almost 5 pages of addons, changes, tweaks, fixes, and improvements, I’m just about ready to launch .7!

With that, after save and load functionality is added (the very next major feature to be added – well, technically save is already there, but it’s internal) I feel the time is right to launch a Kickstarter. With all the changes and fixes in .7, I am happy enough with the product that I feel that it is right to present as a Kickstarter.

A Kickstarter will allow me to work on the game more, add more art and special effects, allow the game to be promoted more (which will bring in more money that will allow more improvements – you see the cycle!) Let me be clear: I have 2 loans out on the initial development of the game – I have not made a penny on the game that I can ‘pay’ myself; all proceeds have basically gone to pay back loans on the game. So this is more of a passion project than something that’s going to buy my second home. But I do want to finish it and I feel the end is within reach with a large push in 2019. So look for more updates soon on when that will launch and how you can help!

Thank you for your patience!



  1. I look forward to it!

    I hope that if the Kickstarter doesn’t work out completely, you will consider something like Patreon. This project deserves to succeed.

  2. Can’t wait! I already ordered it but I will also back it on kickstarter as I only paid $8. I really hope it goes well. I want this game to succeed. It’s going to be great.

  3. I though your project was dead since there were not much news (I don’t use twitter).
    It’s when explorminate talking about the project and the .7 updfate that I came to see this post (And… the previous one).

    Keep up the good work!

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