Development Update 04/11/2016

Hi all, Oliver here! It’s another short update today, to keep you posted on what we’ve been doing.

Steve’s been hard at work, implementing the constellation system, finishing the main menu, and laying the foundations for the province-level UI. Next week we’ll be able to show you the fruits of that – the constellations not only look fantastic and make Human Space much easier to navigate, they determine the borders of your provinces (the largest administrative unit in the Empire).

Ogi has done some cracking work producing our official company logo, and is now off on a well-deserved holiday. He’s left us a pile of assets to incorporate into the game over the next two weeks while he’s off.

I, meanwhile, have been designing the details of the more esoteric fringes of the AI ‘strategy tree’ and writing more dream scenes – I’m going through them in more or less the order in which you’ll experience them, in order to let the characters to develop naturally. Obviously, being hooked to events in-game and subject to different conditions, it’s not possible to tell exactly what order the scenes’ll be read in, but the story structure is divided into separate chains that always come in the same order, which helps in that regard. On Wednesday I wrote a couple of scenes that I’d had in mind a long time – maybe not the most crucial scenes in the game, but potentially the most revealing. But you’ll have to wait and play the game to find out what they are!

Until next time, Ave Imperator!



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