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Hey all!!

While 95% of this blog will still be devoted entirely to Imperia and its development, I want to from time to time get on my soapbox and talk about a few things that are gaming related in some way. This will hopefully allow 2 things: 1) for me to have a small voice about some things that are important to me and 2) for those who don’t know me at all other than as a developer of games to know me a little better.

I have 2 topics today. The first is viruses. Despite my best efforts to keep my computer clean, my computer got a virus. It wasn’t major, but it did get me thinking about what would happen if I lost all my work. I have spent almost a year working on Imperia, and I have some other projects as well that I have put time into, including a board game and another computer game, that I would hate to lose. Fortunately, I do have backups of my important stuff, but I had a few moments of terror last night as I thought I might literally have lost everything I’d worked on so hard. So going forward, believing that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I will be creating an additional (off site) backup daily of my code and of the game’s artwork, as well as putting the code on a repository as a final backup. I can’t explain how it feels to think you might have lost something you worked so hard on and for, and I can only imagine it feels like losing a family member (well, maybe not that bad, but still…) So if this blog inspires one person to back up the things on their computer that are important to them, then I will feel that every keystroke today was worth it.

The second topic is I want to highlight blogs, people, and sites from time to time that I feel are worthy of your time, but aren’t ‘mainstream’.  The first one is (disclosure: Imperia has been featured on this site) a wonderful site called Space Game Junkie. It’s run by Brian Rubin, and this guy I truly believe has played virtually every game that has ever had the word ‘space’ in it. He is passionate about gaming, knowledgeable, and fair, and his site is a fantastic repository for games new and old. He has weekly streaming play sessions, vlogs, and guest LPs, among other things, as well as a news feed that is timely and relevant for people who love these kinds of games. I know that a lot of people who frequent this blog are also fans of space and space strategy games in general, so I recommend that if you’re not already aware of this blog, you check it out at your quickest pace! The site is: . Check it out!

I do want to thank everyone who has checked out the first Imperia video. And yes, I will drop the music volume for the next edition… 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!



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