WIP Changelog – .410a

Hey everyone!

This is a work in progress changelog for the .410 version of Imperia. Obviously there are a lot of graphics changes but there’s other stuff too! Check it out…

Imperia V.410a Change Log/Readme (WIP)



* Please uninstall any previous version of Imperia before installing a new version. I have not yet added patch ability. The good news is that the install is relatively quick.

* I am updating the WikiDot Imperia wiki periodically and this will be the best document for questions and how to play Imperia. Please refer back to it frequently.


* Fixed some issues with lower resolutions

* Fixed obscure crash when colonizing certain planets

* Generally improved scaling at lower resolutions as a result of the graphic overhaul


* Complete graphics overhaul; moving towards the new consistent UI design. This includes:

* fonts

* all-new screens

* redesigned button bar

* redesigned main status bar

* popups

* The System view has been rebuilt from the ground up. Now, planets can be clicked on to show a persistent info box from which the planetary nexus can be activated, or the viceroy can be called. Additional information that is more relevant to what you want to know at that level

* The Quadrant view alert system has been moved to the top-center, which shows a number of all alerts in the Empire. Clicking on the counter will open the Alert Panel, showing a summarized list of alerts/requests. Right-clicking on an alert will take you to the location; left-clicking will open the alert/event, with potentially more options available and a picture representing the event

* Slide-out panels on the System and Planet screens that allow you to show/hide only what you need to see, making the game less overwhelming visually

* Redesigned Intel screen, featuring clickable columns

* Redesigned Edict screen, which is clearer and easier to use

* Lotsa tooltips, integrated help system finally added so that help tags can be added to any XML object – for now this means tooltips on Edicts and key UI elements; more to follow

* Military: Fleets/ships/ground battalions are now in the game. Can’t do much with them (yet) but stay tuned.

* Military: Introduction of the Military tab showing planetary garrisons, fleets in orbit, stance of that fleet (protection, garrision, subjugation, etc) and military power on the planet

* Fleet tooltips showing which ships are in fleets, along with ship information

* Redesigned Emperor screen, showing history, advisors (still working on this), and granting ability to train statistics. It also shows… you!

* Changed game scale; now each pop is 1,000,000 people so that planets have more realistic populations; also changed budget scale to trillions

* Added new launcher/installer. Now you will be able to designate where you want Imperia to be installed. The OneClick solution will also be available for those who wish to use it.


* Changed the way ADL is calculated. Previously, it would be simply all the sectors divided by 3 (ag/man/sci). Now, the sectors are weighted .5 for ag, 1 for man, and 2 for sci, representing the level of technology, retail, and general infrastructure needed to maintain the relative level of a sector – in other words, a level 10 Ag sector has far fewer demands than a level 10 Science sector, as would be realistic

* Made numerous balance changes in correlation with the new money and population scale changes

* Lowered some costs for terrestrial Edicts, while increasing cost/Admin for exploration stations

* All Edicts will get a balance pass before .410 is released

Unresolved Issues

* When loading a game, sometimes the alerts are in the wrong category. This only happens for the current turn and is more annoying than anything. Investigating.

* If you use the mousewheel to scroll up and down intel lists, it also effects the zoom level of the quadrant map. I can fix this, but it will require a rewrite of the zoom function and is not a huge priority at this time.


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