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First of all, it’s so exciting that almost 10,000 visits have taken place to this site in so short a time. Every time people in the industry talk about ‘the death of intelligent space strategy’ I shake my head. There’s always a market for good, challenging games in space – they just have to be made!!!

Anyway, that’s not what you came for. You came for THIS!!!

Imperia V.320a Change Log/Readme




* Please uninstall any previous version of Imperia before installing a new version. I have not yet added patch ability. The good news is that the install is relatively quick.

* I am updating the Sourceforge Imperia wiki periodically and this will be the best document for questions and how to play Imperia. Please refer back to it frequently.



* Fixed word-wrap issues with alerts and psystreams

* Fixed issue with outposts that are on too small TDL worlds – they would not add any industry. While this is technically working (what are you doing putting an outpost on such a tiny world?) it is assumed that the outpost is specially designed to make maximum use of the planet’s space

* Fixed clock – bug with displaying AM when it was 12:00 PM

* Fixed crash bug with trade system when a very specific case occurred

* Fixed issue with abandoning planets generating a NaN issue when eligible population dropped below 0 – i.e. only children and retired people were left

* Fixed mouseover issue with alert bar picking up planets beneath it occasionally

* Fixed issue with stockpiling where characters who refused to start sending goods again would still receive stockpiles from hubs farther downstream – this is not intended since they do not control that flow!

* Fixed crash error with character portrait generation

* Fixed some popup issues where mouse could still be used on screens

* Fixed crash issue with assigning new system Edict if no sector capital was found nearby

* Fixed some further trade issues and an issue with the trade combine logic

* Fixed the alert system – sometimes it would show duplicate messages

* Fixed population/unrest graphs showing the bars wrong



* Added Riot mechanic:

* Planets that have Pops with an unrest level of 50 or higher (for now) have a chance for that Pop to riot.

* Each type of Pop is checked individually; scientists will have far less of a likelihood to revolt than unemployed Pops.

* If a Pop riots, they become unemployed and a second check is made to see if they destroy a level of their industry; for example, if a former Manufacturing pop riots, a check is made to see if they destroy one level of Manufacturing.

* If a riot is in progress, a check is made to see if they kill a leader on the planet, affected by the size of the riot and the power and popular support of that leader.

* Pops that are already rioting have a small bonus to continue to simulate the ‘mob’ mentality of riots. You must act quickly when you detect a riot!

* As you might imagine, riots lower popular support.

* Several changes to UI:

* Planet screen shows RIOTING population if applicable

* System screen will show RIOTING as an alert status

* A critical alert will be generated, and a second one if a leader is killed

* The letter (R) will be next to the planet name on the Intel screen


* Major upgrade to Alert system:

* Added ‘click to alert’ functionality – now clicking on an alert       will take you directly to that planet

* Right clicking on an alert will move the quadrant screen to the       system affected

* Colors have all been changed to reflect seriousness of alert

* Filters have been added to all alert types – icons showing number     of alerts for that alert type have been added. You may toggle the   alert types at any time to show all, some, or no alerts at all!


* Added message box system. This will alert the user when certain events happen that require additional confirmation. Currently, the alerts are:

* Save/load game

* Deleting an Edict

* Quitting the game

* Load/save failed, including mismatched game versions


* Added intel information on orbitals:

* Color code – green is stockpiling, red is holding goods, orange is embargoed, white is normal operations

* Shows level of starbase/logistical station/exploration station

* If trade hub, shows sys/sec/imp level of hub


* Added color code on Intel screen for planet names – yellow – planet is at 75% total development level capacity, orange – planet is at 90% of capacity, red – planet is at 100% and may not expand without finding new land, removing a sector level, or increasing the bio rating

* Added possibility that very smart viceroys will see that the planet is getting near capacity and on their own initiative reclaim additional land on the planet for development purposes. An alert will also be generated. This function is only the beginning of the emergent character AI (eCAI)

* Added ‘Planning’ trait to viceroys which in conjunction with other traits will make that viceroy more likely to intelligently develop their planet

* Changed traits to display max 3 columns, but with full words. Tooltips are still planned to explain what the traits mean.

* Updated character screen in preparation for character portraits, character wishes, added a row for more actions, and added the Nationalist/Tyrannical psy indicator.

* Changed Character Power to always show the estimated level at least, and color-codes the value (less powerful = green; more powerful = red)

* Changed how Power is calculated for most characters – now their Power directly relates to their holdings, title, and strength of those holdings in preparation for emergent character AI (eCAI)

* Added PoSup calculation for characters in preparation for emergent character AI (eCAI)

* Added beginnings of character portrait system, with aging, sex, and rank changes set as the character moves through their lifetime

* Changed emperor name to generate a random name with appropriate suffix (you don’t have to play as me anymore! 🙂 )

* Changed ‘Stockpiling Goods’ action to include having the closest trade hub send excess goods every turn in addition to placing a hold on exports – if they can.

* Changed UI to consolidate trades if they are coming from and going to the same place.

* Added additional character portraits – there are now 16 different character portraits

* Added additional planets – now there should be more variety in the planet looks. This is ongoing

* Upgraded range circle graphics and sector lines

* Added popular support and unrest reactions to very unpopular viceroys, and less so for system and very less so for sector governors

* Tied in planetary popular support to the unrest level if it is above 30 or so – people do not like living in unstable planets!

* Added a lot of modifiers to actions based on character’s continuum ratings – basically, the farther apart you are from the character on the scale, the less likely the action is to be done unless it ties in with their beliefs

* Added field to show % of actual deliverables from each trade – this field is now affected by receiving starbase size or logistical station size, with a starbase giving a much lower penalty – level 5 starbases that receive goods incur no penalty beyond the distance modifier. There is also a corruption loss for planets with corrupt viceroys or very evil ones



* Adjusted the granularity of estimated ratings for characters – they will generally be more accurate now, especially at lower levels (this will also help with the wildly oscillating times for Edict completion prediction)

* Recalibrated emperor titles to be more gradual as your continuum changes

* Changed and lowered ADM cost of all development-based edicts (edicts that depend on the TDL of the planet). This results in lowered cost of abandoning planets significantly

* Increased the starting populations of generated worlds – note: this will slightly increase new game generation time. This is normal

* Increased the starting material stockpiles of generated worlds

* Increased the amount of workers per level of sector that can work in line with the larger starting populations – this also lowered the initial unrest and unemployment rates, causing less ‘hellhole’ planets

* Gave Logistical Stations the ability to send goods as well as receive, but they can not be trade hubs – this is to make it easier to set up trade networks without exorbitant cost to smaller systems

* Outposts now have a Lev I logistical base instead of a full starbase

* Recalibrated PoSup calculations for characters to rise and fall more slowly, especially towards the high and low end (moves towards the Bell curve mean)



Unresolved Issues

* When loading a game, sometimes the alerts are in the wrong category. This only happens for the current turn and is more annoying than anything. Investigating.


This is a huge update and I’d really like your input on it. I will soon write a blog about what exciting features and what Imperia will like going forward, now that most of the ‘foundational’ programming is done!! Enjoy!



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