The Imperia forums and their place in this process

Hey all,

I have had the Imperia forums up for about a month now, and since I want to use as much time as possible towards actually working on the game, I have decided this is how I will update each media area:

BLOG(where you are): Development diaries, major announcements

FORUM: All day-to-day updates, feedback, crash log postings, change logs, and all announcements, as well as copies of diaries that I post here

As a result, I will start to pull back on some of the forums that I have been on to concentrate on updating the game forum at Remember, you do not have to be a member or create an account to post – I allow guest accounts – though we’d love to have you!! EDIT: The old forum is no longer being moderated or supported, and will be deleted on 2.28.15. Please use the imperia5x forum going forward – this will be our official game page with all links and news in one place! (I will link to this blog; it will continue to be maintained)

In effect, this will make the forum the primary media/news area. I want to do this mainly for the feedback (bugs, suggestions, etc) that is harder to manage on a blog. If you’re not into forums, that’s OK too; that’s why this blog will still be maintained and updated! This way, everyone wins!!

Again, thanks for supporting Imperia – however you choose! đŸ™‚


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