After just over a month, version .3 has been released, now supporting full save/load capability! This works as a ‘hotsave’ for now, eventually I will expand to a proper save game/load game screen where you can have multiple saves, but the heavy lifting has already been done.

To save a game, you can hit ‘F1’ at any time. I am working on putting in some sort of message box that will alert you to various things in Imperia, which will include a ‘SAVE SUCCESSFUL’ message. For now, take it on faith that the game saved. 🙂

To load, you can either load from the title screen or hit ‘F2’ at any time. There is a load screen, so you at least have that feedback…

Here are the updated .300 release notes. I would really, really appreciate feedback on any crashes, particularly the one where when you mouse over a system you get  a crash. I have a workaround by hitting ‘I’ which will disable the info bar, but obviously that is not a long-term solution!

Imperia V.300 Change Log/Readme




* Please uninstall any previous version of Imperia before installing a new version. I have not yet added patch ability. The good news is that the install is relatively quick.

* I am updating the Sourceforge Imperia wiki periodically and this will be the best document for questions and how to play Imperia. Please refer back to it frequently.



* Fixed numerous issues related to the save/load system

* Fixed an issue where the emperor power was not calculating correctly

* Fixed the ADM increase chance for the emperor – was almost impossible previously

* Fixed some logic bugs with calculating edict time variances when structures were present in a system/sector (i.e. starbases)

* Fixed the effect of an exploration base – now shows effective range on quadrant map



* Added hotkey save/load system. F1 will hot save your current game and F2 will hot load from any point in the game. If there is a game version mismatch, the game will not load.

* Added system information display bar functionality hotkey ‘I’ to toggle between the system info bar displaying in the quadrant display as a player option while I chase down an annoying crash bug that results as a result of the SID bar displaying.

* Due to player request, pressing the ESC key in a screen other than the quadrant screen will act as a right click, i.e. take you one screen out. The ESC key on the quadrant screen will eventually bring up a popup menu that will allow you to exit, load, save, and return to the start menu; for this build, it will exit.

* When an unexpected crash occurs, a log folder is created under your C: directory, called ‘ImperiaLogs’. In addition, a popup window will appear explaining the specific exception and trace for the crash. This information will help immensely in tracking down some remaining bugs.

* Added loading and new game start screens

* Added launch buttons on the title screen (new game, etc.)

* Significant ‘under the hood’ revisions to error checking and data structure that will enable much faster updating and debugging

* Added game credits button (credit page forthcoming)

* Fixed annoying screen whitespace on title screen and a few other screens

* Updated the planet info screen on the system display

* Finally flipped the colors for pragmatic and nationalist on the status bar



* None for this build


Unresolved Issues

* For a very small # of people (that I know of) mousing over certain systems causes a CTD. I am still investigating.


Thanks and enjoy! Expect more regular updates from this point!


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