POLL: What 3 features are most important to you?

So now that a reasonably stable version of Imperia is out, I wanted to get people’s thoughts on what major feature they wanted to see next. I have been working on a few systems ‘under the hood’ but I wanted to get some feedback from you about what you consider most important/would like to see!

Thank you so much for your input with this!


EDIT: OK, looks like we have some winners. Everyone will be glad to know that I’ve been working on the save/load system. It’s not glamorous(or fun!) but I think it will help longevity even this early in the game design process and it should help track down some bugs…. Version .300 will be coming out soon! I’ll have a change log up soon.


  1. Huh, I thought I voted ‘other’. 😛

    Anyway, I would like to see an ‘inheritance mode’. After your reign ends (you get killed/die/abdicate) a new emperor(s) comes to power of some or all of the planets after some years. During the period of turmoil / civil war:
    – some planets may leave the empire
    – the empire could split
    – some planets may be abandoned
    – some infrastructure (star bases, etc.) may be destroyed

    Star map would stay the same and characters you knew may still be in the same position or even have achieved greater power.

    Obviously that would quite a big deal of effort, so I don’t expect it soon. 🙂

    1. Hey Paul! I responded to you in the Bay12 forum. Basically – cool idea – not really within the original design of the game, but really damn cool idea and I should try to create a mode to get it in down the road!

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