Imperia Alpha v.0230 Released!

Great news!

The final version before the .3xx series is here. There are a lot of fixes – the changelog is basically the same as the previous post, with a few extra changes. The updated readme contained in the setup file has all the information. Here are the highlights:

NEW UI – The UI will now start black (neutral) and slowly change color towards blue or red as your Emperor becomes more Nationalist or Tyrannical in nature. This will eventually extend to music, sound effects, and fonts.

NEW EDICTS – You can now create a prison world, add a logistics base, create an exploration outpost, and more!

NEW CHARACTER ACTIONS – You can embargo planets and cut them out of the trade net, and from receiving emergency goods. Perfect for bringing that hardline viceroy into line, and more for controlling your supply network.

FIXES – Virtually every crash bug that has been reported has been fixed. There is one case that I am still working on getting more info.

BALANCE – Generally lowered the cost of most Stellar Edicts and slightly raised the cost of most Terrestrial ones. Also added more ADM per planet, weighted towards capitals.

NEW FEATURE – New Terra can now support any Terrestrial Edict in range, even if it is not connected to its sector.

This will be the last release for probably a few weeks, barring any hotfixes. I will be working on the Emperor screen and updating the Wiki. If you are interested in helping write for the wiki, please let me know – it’s a daunting project!

Also, we are about to welcome our 5,000th visitor sometime this week. I can’t thank you all enough for your support on this project. Sometimes I get frustrated for some reason or another, and then I’ll look at the visits to this blog or get a nice comment or E-mail and it reminds me of what I’m working on. You are awesome!

As always, you can download the setup package at the Sourceforge link located on the left-hand link bar.



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