Imperia: The Road Ahead

With the release of .227, I feel like most of the showstopper bugs have been fixed and the few that are still in I hope to have fixed or have already fixed by the next release.

Looking at the published roadmap. everything that I wanted in the release up to .3 is fixed or in the game, so I’ll be moving on towards .4 and the development that I have laid out. Next will come the financial screen and Edicts related to controlling your economy, working on balance, adding the Emperor information screen that will have your personal information, your good/evil rating, expanded information on your accomplishments, and the beginnings of your personal Edict options, such as traveling to a specific planet or giving an Empire-wide speech about different topics that may come up in your Empire. I will also be expanding functionality on the Intel screen. Each of these additions will probably have its own release so that people can test the UI and use the expanded functionality.

Version .4 will also continue to see your leaders expand their personalities and interactions with you. A big part of what separates Imperia from other 4X games is the interaction with your leaders and their personalities that unfold as you discover more about their leadership style. This will be a constant point of improvement.

I will also be spending a lot of time, especially over these next few weeks, fleshing out the documentation wiki. It is critical that people know how to play and don’t feel lost. A lot of Imperia’s concepts are somewhat hidden, and if you don’t understand how they work, you’ll be left wondering if it’s a bug in the program or WAD. I want people to understand how to play and why things work sometimes and why they might not always be available, so the documentation will be a huge priority for me.

Beyond that, keep hacking away at bugs as they crop up (and you discover them!) and continue to add blocks to Imperia, bit by bit!

Thank you for your interest!


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