Imperia V .226 Changelog and Status

Hey all!

Hope you’re having a great weekend.  I’ve been listening to your feedback and knocking out what I hope is a robust .226 version that should be available in a day or two. I think those of you with smaller resolutions should be much happier!! I will update this post when .226 is live.

Imperia V.226 Change Log




* Fixed bug where deleting a system edict caused crash

* Fixed ‘rounding’ bug when adding Influence to an Edict



* Added full resolution support across all screens, including the planet screen

* Improved look of most resolutions by scaling all viewports and graphics more precisely – continued work on this will be ongoing

* Added some of Nadia’s awesome planets, especially gas giants

* Dimmed out buttons on button bar that don’t function yet to minimize confusion

* Added assigning system to new sector edict, and added UI functionality to allow other edicts with secondary choices (such as designations)

* Added new planetary edict – change primary designation

* Added 2 new designations – government nexus and material production world

* Added more system and planet names, and eliminated duplicate planet/system names – may have fixed a bug related to duplicate names

* Added basic designation effects – i.e. heavy production worlds now have negative terraforming modifiers, but greater wages, etc.

* Added attempt to assassinate character action – must have informer network and costs 5 Tyrannical influence

* Some small efficiency gains, especially between turns

* Added check to potentially add ADM for emperor every year



* Some cost/edict balances; some items cost less ADM, some more (a few were 1 ADM for testing, those have been changed)

* Material production is now considerably more profitable per mTon (to counterbalance increased costs for setting up and maintaining manufacturing) ($10 vs. $4)

* Science production is more costly due to impending Science system addition, prepare for costs!

* Planet ADM has been tweaked upward for sectors and the Imperial capital

* ADM efficiency has been increased from 6:1 to 5:1 for Empire ADM used for planetary Edicts


      1. Thank you texashawk76, I am very pleased to appoint a system in my honor! if you want any help with the game’s graphics should only write to my personal mail, I’ll be happy to help you.

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