Update on Imperia – Alpha Release Imminent!

First of all, I can’t express enough how incredible this – I guess I can call it the Imperia community – has been! This blog is now getting hundreds of visits a day from all over the world, and I’ve gotten some amazing feedback from people both in forums and in private messages. Rest assured that while I have a clear vision of what I want Imperia to be, it is clear that a lot of you out there want a game like Imperia – just like I have for many years! So if you know anyone who you think would be interested in playing Imperia, let ’em know! You may absolutely share this blog’s link or any individual posts!

As far as the alpha, I have been working like mad on converting the resolutions and I’m done with everything but the planet screen. It won’t be perfect but it will certainly be playable. Beyond that, I’ve upgraded the systems and sector summary panels and I am hooking up the system and sector level edicts (this will allow exploring!) I think I have all the crash bugs out so barring something unusual the alpha will be released on Friday, 5/9.

In the meantime, I would appreciate it if anyone could point me to an image (with appropriate license) for a gas giant. I have not been able to find one that I like that I can use legally so if anyone has that and would like to contribute some art, I’d be very grateful!

Thanks again, and can’t wait to get Imperia out there (for you to pick apart, of course… All for love. 😉



    1. Thanks Nadia!! I took a look and there’s a lot of cool textures there! Unfortunately, I do not have 3D objects in Imperia so there’s nothing for me to ‘wrap’ the textures around, and I don’t really have the knowledge to do so anyway. If you would be able to create a single gas giant (1200X1200 or so) PNG file, that would help tremendously!

  1. Nadia,

    These are GREAT!!! Thank you, and I’ll use them in the upcoming release. I’ll make sure you get an art credit when I put in the credit screen! -Steve

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