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POLL: What 3 features are most important to you?

So now that a reasonably stable version of Imperia is out, I wanted to get people’s thoughts on what major feature they wanted to see next. I have been working on a few systems ‘under the hood’ but I wanted to get some feedback from you about what you consider most important/would like to see!

Thank you so much for your input with this!


EDIT: OK, looks like we have some winners. Everyone will be glad to know that I’ve been working on the save/load system. It’s not glamorous(or fun!) but I think it will help longevity even this early in the game design process and it should help track down some bugs…. Version .300 will be coming out soon! I’ll have a change log up soon.

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Imperia Alpha v.0230 Released!

Great news!

The final version before the .3xx series is here. There are a lot of fixes – the changelog is basically the same as the previous post, with a few extra changes. The updated readme contained in the setup file has all the information. Here are the highlights:

NEW UI – The UI will now start black (neutral) and slowly change color towards blue or red as your Emperor becomes more Nationalist or Tyrannical in nature. This will eventually extend to music, sound effects, and fonts.

NEW EDICTS – You can now create a prison world, add a logistics base, create an exploration outpost, and more!

NEW CHARACTER ACTIONS – You can embargo planets and cut them out of the trade net, and from receiving emergency goods. Perfect for bringing that hardline viceroy into line, and more for controlling your supply network.

FIXES – Virtually every crash bug that has been reported has been fixed. There is one case that I am still working on getting more info.

BALANCE – Generally lowered the cost of most Stellar Edicts and slightly raised the cost of most Terrestrial ones. Also added more ADM per planet, weighted towards capitals.

NEW FEATURE – New Terra can now support any Terrestrial Edict in range, even if it is not connected to its sector.

This will be the last release for probably a few weeks, barring any hotfixes. I will be working on the Emperor screen and updating the Wiki. If you are interested in helping write for the wiki, please let me know – it’s a daunting project!

Also, we are about to welcome our 5,000th visitor sometime this week. I can’t thank you all enough for your support on this project. Sometimes I get frustrated for some reason or another, and then I’ll look at the visits to this blog or get a nice comment or E-mail and it reminds me of what I’m working on. You are awesome!

As always, you can download the setup package at the Sourceforge link located on the left-hand link bar.



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New .230 version coming very soon!

Based on some feedback, and some things I wanted to add and clarify, I am releasing one more .2xx version before moving on to version .3xx. There is a lot of stuff here, so as soon as I’m reasonably sure I didn’t break anything, it’s out to you!

Imperia V.230 Change Log/Readme




* Please uninstall any previous version of Imperia before installing a new version. I have not yet added patch ability. The good news is that the install is relatively quick.


* I am updating the Sourceforge Imperia wiki periodically and this will be the best document for questions and how to play Imperia. Please refer back to it frequently.



* Fixed a small bug where science outposts created agriculture sectors, but no science sector

* Fixed bug where starbases could be higher than level 5, but show nothing

* Fixed bug where stellar missions could be supported from a sector that had no starbase, but was within range

* Fixed allocation of materials for Edicts. Had a kludge fix in place, but now will allow use of as many materials as possible without going below 0 on a planet

* Fixed serious intel screen bug where if two planets shared the exact same value, an exception would occur.

* Fixed bug where edict times could, with sufficient influence, be pushed to below 0, sometimes causing a NaN error

* Not a bug, per se, but removed the block on children and retired people moving, since it could in extreme situations lead to situations on very bad planets where they would turn into a ‘Peter Pan’ world with only kids and old folk left




* Added new Edict, Deploy Exploration Station, a smaller version of a starbase that can only be built above unclaimed planets. Allows stellar missions within the system that it is built. Destroyed once a planet is colonized, but some of the materials are added to the planet’s reserves.

* Added new Edict, Build/Upgrade Logistical Station, a smaller version of a Starbase that can be built above any owned planet. This station allows stellar missions at the range of a Starbase, but does not ship goods to and from the planet, and missions based from this base take longer depending on level. Upgradable to Level III, at which point they may be converted into a starbase. Building a Starbase scraps this base (unless level 3), but some of the materials are returned to the planet and added to their stock.

* Added new Character Action, Embargo Planet/System/Sector. This will block these entities from receiving replenishment goods from the Imperial Capital, and if they are a trade hub, it will block supplies from coming through their trade hubs. Naturally, this will really piss off the leader in question, but you may want to do this to redirect goods to a more critical part of the Empire.

* Added UI labels showing embargo is present in system screen.

* Added tooltip in Character Screen to show how much ADM an action would cost.

* Added darker shaded circle to show Logistic Stations on quadrant map, vs. starbases.

* Added foundation for UI changes depending on how you are running your Empire. Eventually, most of the UI will change depending on your Nationalist/Tyrannical rating, for now the quadrant and system info background will start black and slowly fade into blue or red, respectively, as your ratings change

* Assigned Nat/Tyr rating adjustment range to every action/ edict/ designation currently active, instead of just a few test actions

* Effects of Starbase levels are now factored into a Stellar edict’s time to complete. Higher levels make the Edict more efficient to complete.

* Effects of Logistics Station levels are now factored into a Stellar edict’s time to complete. Higher levels make the Edict more efficient to complete, but not as efficient as a Starbase.

* Added Edict Class to be more explicit – the class type now shows up on Edict screen. Displays Terrestrial, Stellar, or Both. Stellar Edicts can only be performed by planets that have a Starbase or Logistics station in range, or an Exploration Station in the system

* Added new Primary Designation, Penal Prison World. This allows you to designate planets as prison planets, where any viceroy within range of this world can send especially unhappy pops to mitigate unrest on their world. Only craven, cruel, corrupt, and despotic viceroys will do this, however, and building one will seriously impact your Tyrannical rating. Building several will be… interesting, shall we say. On the plus side, since ‘workers’ are paid next to nothing, penal worlds generally turn a tidy profit and use few minerals. Plus, they come with a ‘free’ Starbase.

* Changed to where the Imperial Capital can support stellar missions in range of the planet if no other sector or system is eligible. This is an experimental change, suggested by the community

* Changed formula to check for mineral loss on a planet to weight planet class, so that larger planets lose minerals much more slowly than tiny planets.

* Added a check during calculating job Prestige to consider the system rank when calculating. In other words, it’s way more prestigious to work for a Sector Capital government than it is a backwater colony government. This should fix some of the ‘sector capital hellhole’ issues, while creating more delineation for capitals and colonies.

* Changed ‘deception’ to ‘ambition’ for character stats, in preparation for character plots/personality engine

* Added a System Value stat for systems that measures ‘system prestige’ from a sector governor’s standpoint. Basically, the more profitable and populated the system, the more prestigious the system is to have, and it will cause more anger losing a highly prestigious system than an unexplored backwater, and create conversely more loyalty and happiness for the receiving governor. Also useful to weigh relative value when deciding whether to reassign systems.



* Lowered costs to abandon planets

* With the station changes, decreased chance of stations showing up at game start

* Slightly increased minimum engine range in order to create less hopeless situations 🙂

* Added negative PoSup effect (and tooltip) for when a planet is changing designations.

* Lowered requirement for Stellar missions to any Starbase, since you can now build Exploration and Logistical stations.

* Massively increased Science revenue per t/B of production (from 300 to 2000), this will hopefully not make science planets useless for now

* With the start of the UI changes reflecting your Na/Ty rating, tweaked actions to create more of an effect so that the UI can be seen to change


Unresolved Issues

* For a very small # of people (that I know of) mousing over certain systems causes a CTD. I am still investigating.


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Imperia: The Road Ahead

With the release of .227, I feel like most of the showstopper bugs have been fixed and the few that are still in I hope to have fixed or have already fixed by the next release.

Looking at the published roadmap. everything that I wanted in the release up to .3 is fixed or in the game, so I’ll be moving on towards .4 and the development that I have laid out. Next will come the financial screen and Edicts related to controlling your economy, working on balance, adding the Emperor information screen that will have your personal information, your good/evil rating, expanded information on your accomplishments, and the beginnings of your personal Edict options, such as traveling to a specific planet or giving an Empire-wide speech about different topics that may come up in your Empire. I will also be expanding functionality on the Intel screen. Each of these additions will probably have its own release so that people can test the UI and use the expanded functionality.

Version .4 will also continue to see your leaders expand their personalities and interactions with you. A big part of what separates Imperia from other 4X games is the interaction with your leaders and their personalities that unfold as you discover more about their leadership style. This will be a constant point of improvement.

I will also be spending a lot of time, especially over these next few weeks, fleshing out the documentation wiki. It is critical that people know how to play and don’t feel lost. A lot of Imperia’s concepts are somewhat hidden, and if you don’t understand how they work, you’ll be left wondering if it’s a bug in the program or WAD. I want people to understand how to play and why things work sometimes and why they might not always be available, so the documentation will be a huge priority for me.

Beyond that, keep hacking away at bugs as they crop up (and you discover them!) and continue to add blocks to Imperia, bit by bit!

Thank you for your interest!


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New Forum – Please Read!

Well, that escalated quickly. It’s awesome to see how many people have enjoyed Imperia even in this early, rough, rough state and have provided feedback and ideas. Unfortunately, my wish to reply to everyone’s feedback is difficult when spread across multiple forums, websites, pages ,and messages. So while I will still use this blog extensively for things like announcements and dev blogs, I want to transition things like bug reports, suggestions, AARs, requests to help, etc. into one central location so that it’s easier for me to respond quickly (and I think it would make for a pretty awesome community of 4X-lovers as a side benefit!)

Anyway, here it is: It’s not fancy (yet) but it is functional and has all the bells and whistles you would expect from your usual forum. I truly want to hear everyone’s voice and this is an easier way for me to do that.

Thanks! As we say in Texas, y’all rock!!


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UPDATE – .227 Hotfix Available – Fixes Character Screen CTD

So in .226 with the resolution scaling there is an issue with the game crashing when you bring up the character screen at very low resolutions. This was due to the screen rendering data off the main screen, causing a crash. I have fixed it and am uploading .227 now. There are a few other minor changes, but that is the big one. It should be available to download at 8:15 CDT.  It is now available. Thanks for playing!

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UPDATE: .226 Alpha Released!

Hey everyone!

While it’s a day later than I wanted, I think everyone will be pleased with the stability improvements, bug fixes, added functionality, and especially the UI. While I strongly recommend playing on at least a 1280 x 1024 screen, it will work for any resolution. The game looks especially good on moderate widescreen resolutions like 1440 X 980. Give it a try! I think you’ll be pleased…

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If this build runs well, then I will close the book on .2 and proceed to .3 – Science Labs will now have meaning, and characters will start to interact with what their peers are doing, as well as you!

As always, you can get the latest build at the Sourceforge site using the links to the left. Please uninstall any previous build you have of Imperia before installing a new version. Thanks!

Imperia V.226 Change Log



* Fixed bug where deleting a system edict caused crash

* Fixed ‘rounding’ bug when adding Influence to an Edict

* Fixed rare bug where planets had identical populations and the Intel screen was accessed

* Fixed bug where crash occurs if you abandon a planet or system with active Edicts that are not completed that turn

* Fixed bug where viceroy would refuse to expand a sector based on the fact that the planet was losing money when it fact it was not

* Fixed bug where expanding a planet economy could cause the development level to go above the maximum

* Fixed bug where Edict ADM values in selection lists would not always match up with Edict Creation screen ADM values

* Fixed bug where if the system capital was abandoned and no other planet was in the sector, the sector would still remain active, even though there was no population, and the governors would still be assigned to an empty sector/system. Now all governors are removed from office, the sector is made inactive, and any money in the sector treasury goes into the Empire treasury.

* Fixed a few bugs relating to assassinations.



* Added full resolution support across all screens, including the planet screen

* Improved look of most resolutions by scaling all viewports and graphics more precisely – continued work on this will be ongoing

* Added some of Nadia’s awesome planets, especially gas giants

* Dimmed out buttons on button bar which don’t function yet to minimize confusion

* Changed economic model to now take planetary subsidies if needed from sector treasuries first before the Imperial treasury. This will promote developing stronger sectors while penalizing weak economic sectors in assisting their system’s projects, since if they go broke the sector will now receive a subsidy from the Empire with a small efficiency penalty depending on distance

* With this change, added AI for sector governors to adjust the sector tax as needed, depending on their intelligence, greed, and other traits

* Added right-click on system will center functionality on the quadrant map. This is experimental and may be removed or optioned depending on feedback.

* Added assigning system to new sector edict, and added UI functionality to allow other edicts with secondary choices (such as designations)

* Added new planetary edict – change primary designation

* Added 2 new designations – government nexus and material production world

* Added more system and planet names, and eliminated duplicate planet/system names – may have fixed a bug related to duplicate names

* Added basic designation effects – i.e. heavy production worlds now have negative terraforming modifiers, but greater wages, etc.

* Added attempt to assassinate character action – must have active informer network and costs 5 Tyrannical Influence. More informers improves chance; a high character Power and Intelligence lowers it. May take several turns to resolve.

* Some small calculating efficiency gains, especially between turns

* Added check to potentially add ADM for emperor every year

* Added more reactions to events and emperor Edicts that affect governors and viceroys, especially changing system assignments

* Some small graphics improvements/changes



* Some cost/edict balances; some items cost less ADM, some more (a few were 1 ADM for testing, those have been changed)

* Material production is now considerably more profitable per mTon (to counterbalance increased costs for setting up and maintaining manufacturing) ($10 vs. $4)

* Science production is more costly due to impending Science system addition, prepare for costs!

* Planet ADM has been tweaked upward for sectors and the Imperial capital

* ADM efficiency has been increased from 6:1 to 5:1 for Empire ADM used for planetary Edicts

* Increased empire possible minimum Base Engine Range so that missions are easier (will probably change once science is available, as this will be available to improve)

* Significantly increased effect of Loyalty on Edict completion. Now you will absolutely have to get your leaders into line somehow if you want your more advanced Edicts to be completed this decade. J

* Lowered cost of surveying and exploring to encourage it.

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Imperia V .226 Changelog and Status

Hey all!

Hope you’re having a great weekend.  I’ve been listening to your feedback and knocking out what I hope is a robust .226 version that should be available in a day or two. I think those of you with smaller resolutions should be much happier!! I will update this post when .226 is live.

Imperia V.226 Change Log




* Fixed bug where deleting a system edict caused crash

* Fixed ‘rounding’ bug when adding Influence to an Edict



* Added full resolution support across all screens, including the planet screen

* Improved look of most resolutions by scaling all viewports and graphics more precisely – continued work on this will be ongoing

* Added some of Nadia’s awesome planets, especially gas giants

* Dimmed out buttons on button bar that don’t function yet to minimize confusion

* Added assigning system to new sector edict, and added UI functionality to allow other edicts with secondary choices (such as designations)

* Added new planetary edict – change primary designation

* Added 2 new designations – government nexus and material production world

* Added more system and planet names, and eliminated duplicate planet/system names – may have fixed a bug related to duplicate names

* Added basic designation effects – i.e. heavy production worlds now have negative terraforming modifiers, but greater wages, etc.

* Added attempt to assassinate character action – must have informer network and costs 5 Tyrannical influence

* Some small efficiency gains, especially between turns

* Added check to potentially add ADM for emperor every year



* Some cost/edict balances; some items cost less ADM, some more (a few were 1 ADM for testing, those have been changed)

* Material production is now considerably more profitable per mTon (to counterbalance increased costs for setting up and maintaining manufacturing) ($10 vs. $4)

* Science production is more costly due to impending Science system addition, prepare for costs!

* Planet ADM has been tweaked upward for sectors and the Imperial capital

* ADM efficiency has been increased from 6:1 to 5:1 for Empire ADM used for planetary Edicts

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I am working on the documentation for Imperia, and I have written a quick-start guide on the wiki. I wanted to also post it here so that people who were playing Imperia and were kind of lost about what to do have a better idea where to start.

Welcome, Your Excellence. Most people on their 18th birthday get cake, maybe some presents, and perhaps a new sweater or two. You got all that, minus the sweater, and a whole empire too! What fun! Your eager hand sits in the Astrography Chamber, where your bidding will be plotted out and the fate of millions are in your hands!


Well, that’s to be expected. I am Wilfred, your loyal regent, and while I know you paid attention in your ‘I’m going to be the Emperor one day’ classes, fear is natural. Let’s look at what you should be doing.

I would first look at your trade network. Unfortunately, your predecessors didn’t help you all that much with keeping robust trade lines throughout the Empire. Many of our sector capitals and most of our system capitals have either no starbase, or it is so decrepit that it is no longer being used. In any case, the issue is the same: without a starbase, a planet can’t receive replenishment materials and food from the Empire, and without that, well… let’s just say that uneasy is the head which wears the circlet. So you’re going to need to look at which planets are self sufficient, which are producing a healthy surplus of food and/or materials, and which ones are going to go hungry or run out of materials soon. The Intel screen will be invaluable with this, on page 2 (don’t forget, Your Excellence, to hit Page Down and Page Up to move between pages!) You will most likely find several planets with no starbase that will need one built very soon.

As you have probably noticed, however, starbases aren’t cheap. And they tend to take a while to build. And right now, your governors and viceroys aren’t exceptionally friendly with your presence on the scene – they’re used to having things ‘their way’, and you represent a threat. And being so new, you haven’t built up the influence you’re going to need down the road to push through really important things, so don’t spend it all right away. And though it will drastically cut down Edict times, and it will be very tempting to use, do NOT spend Tyrannical influence liberally unless you’re prepared to accept the consequences to your relationships – and have the power to deal with them!

I would recommend starting your reign slowly. Try building relationships with your viceroys and governors. And by relationships, I mean give them cash. You have a personal Imperial allowance that is untraceable and its use is yours by Imperial fiat. Beware, however, some in this decadent Empire may yet be honest enough to refuse your kind gifts, and if word spreads, more and more people will demand that you supplement their income as well!! Speeches, Imperial honors, and supporting industrial sectors that they approve of may work as well, but honors cost money and every action costs Admin – your precious time that you can not ever get back!

As you are perusing your Empire on the intel screen during your first turn, you will notice that many of them have cash flow that is yellow (losing money, enough in their treasury to supplement it), or red (losing money, requiring a subsidy from the Empire to stay afloat!) Your mighty Empire may well be losing money already by supporting such ne’er do well planets! What can you do?

Perhaps you can stimulate their planetary economy? Most viceroys will appreciate this effort! Try creating an planetary economic Edict or two to get some planets in the green. Check the cash flow on planets. What’s costing money? Too much government? Ask the viceroy to cut the subsidy. Manufacturing being built on a planet with a 15 strategic mineral rating? Encourage another sector! Consider adding a Secondary Designation that helps to balance out the planet’s potential. Or you might even consider changing the Primary Designation of a planet, but that takes a lot of time, money, and disgruntled populace as you displace them from their jobs.

And never forget, Your Excellence, that it is survival of the fittest. It may be better to abandon a planet that has no hope of a turnaround and allow those people to find better lives elsewhere than to continue allowing Imperial resources to propagate a money black hole. Yes, your Popular Support will take a hit, but eventually the people will understand…

You will probably notice that as planets build up their economic sectors and grow, they will use materials. And unfortunately, your glorious predecessors didn’t exactly have a lot of planets dedicated to mining and creating materials. You will probably have to create outposts on planets that are, shall we say, less than ideal. The good news is that people will flock to them because their wages are so high. The bad news is that unless you pick an excellent location, between wages and infrastructure costs to shield your workers from such a harsh climate, the outpost will be a serious drain on Empire resources. Choose locations where people can migrate to as well! Check your migration mode (‘C’ key) on the quadrant display to see how far people can travel to relocate.

Don’t forget about luxury minerals! These are what power your retail sector, and a planet with a high Luxury Mineral rating, along with some manufacturing capacity to create high-quality goods, can quickly become a shopping mecca and an economic powerhouse! And to some extent, these goods benefit any planet in your sector (with a starbase, of course!) as the goods are traded across the sector!

Eventually, the people will demand to expand our borders, and that’s where exploration comes in. You will need to look at your space mission infrastructure. Hit ‘M’ to check out which systems can support missions and what range. You need at least level II starbases in order to support the massive science ships, population transports, and terraformers required to perform space Edicts. You must balance cost of setting this infrastructure up with all else, including trade hubs, other starbases, etc.

So about Edicts. Yes, I know you’re excited about creating laws that move entire planets and systems into motion. Who wouldn’t be? But remember that every Edict you enact has consequences. When you commit ADM from a system or sector capital, you are preventing it from being used elsewhere. And spending Empire ADM directly for a single planet is very inefficient. I do not recommend doing so unless there is no alternative. Materials are also very inefficient when used from higher levels of government, so I recommend stockpiling materials on a planet you plan to base Edict support from by building a trade hub and a Starbase, if one doesn’t exist.

When planning your Edicts, think about who will be involved. I will give you an estimate of how long I believe the Edict will take based on what I know about the personalities involved, but it is just that: an estimate. Influence will help, but it may be better to delay your Edict a few turns while you attempt to, ahem, convince those leaders that will be involved that their loyalty will be beneficial in the long run. And if you do have to use Influence, and your Popular Support is high, take your message to the people by using Nationalist Influence! It’s very effective if the planet’s population loves you, but remember that if the viceroy doesn’t like you, he or she may resent your using their mob to coerce them into supporting your goals.

One more thing about your leaders. There is a darker way to bring them into line, but it, like all things, has tradeoffs. You can instruct your Intel Prime to, shall we say, distribute some of your personal coin to the people of a planet to keep their ears to the ground about a certain viceroy or governor. Should something turn up that would be, ah, embarrassing, you can always resort to a little old-fashioned blackmail, but naturally that person will be very unhappy with you. And should the day come where they can break that spell… well, but I’m just a regent. What do I know! And if you’re truly unhappy with a leader, you can have them removed, but they may not agree if you are too weak – and regardless, your other leaders will know what you tried to do and the ramifications will be felt throughout your Empire.

And of course, if your Intel network is large and organized enough… you can attempt a.. rather final solution to your leader problem. History has certainly seen its share of tyrants who work that way.

This is but a brief primer, Your Excellence. Oh, and one last bit of advice. You do not have to use all your Admin every turn. Sometimes, the best action, especially with an Empire that is losing money, is inaction.

Good luck, Your Excellence.

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Documentation In Spaaaaace: The Imperia Wiki

Hey everyone,

So it looks like a lot of you have tried Imperia, and there have been a lot of questions about ‘what do I do now?’ While I understand this is a free hobby game, and it’s almost a tried and truism that these kinds of games are poorly (or not at all) documented, I realize that Imperia is not a game that you can just ‘pick up’ – there’s a lot going on under the surface, and comprehensive documentation is needed.

So here is where the documentation will be found going forward. It’s the Imperia Wiki, and I will be updating it as time permits. Please check for updates. And if you’re feeling brave enough to want to add to the wiki – let me know! I could use the help!


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Update on V 0.225 Alpha – SourceForge Project link up, file is live!

The good news: I am releasing Imperia on!!! The bad news: Sourceforge seems to be having some issues with uploading files over the last day or so. I am trying everything, even using  FileZilla to upload wih SFTP protocol, but the uploads keep timing out. I hope to have the upload take one of these times, however, before I go to work, so we’ll see. If the file is not in the Imperia V.225 Setup Files folder, please be patient – the uploader is being nasty!  No more bad news… file is now LIVE!!! ENJOY!!!

Anyway, the project page is at which will have the latest screenshots and readme’s.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am still working on converting the resolutions, and everything is done except for the planet screen. This means that people with anything lower than 1920 X 1080 can launch and see most of the screens, but depending on their screen size it may be unplayable due to not accessing the edict panel on the far right. I am still working on it, but everything else is done that I wanted to get in for this first release so I wanted to have it out there for the people who can play fully.

I will also add a quick documentation guide this evening. For now, here are the basics:

  • ESC – exits the game
  • SPACE – starts new game on title screen
  • M – enables mission range overlay on quadrant screen
  • C – enables colonize range overlay on quadrant screen
  • T – enables trade node overlay on quadrant screen (red = system trade hub, yellow = sector trade hub, green = empire trade hub)
  • N – disables all overlays
  • For quadrant map – hold down the right mouse button and pan in the direction you want the map to go. Zoom in/out using the mouse wheel. (Zoom to cursor is something I will put in eventually, but its not a priority). Hover over a system to view side-bar details (depending on what you know,  of course!) Left-click to enter the system screen. Left-click the ASTROGRAPHY button in the bottom button bar to return to the quadrant screen at any time.
  • For system view – right click on a planet to go directly to the planet screen. Left click to open the planet summary. From there, you can enter the planet screen by clicking on the button on the panel. Hover over a character name in yellow to get a tooltip with basic information; left-click to open the character interaction window. Right click on any non-planet space to return to the quadrant screen.
  • For planet view- right-click anywhere on screen to return to system view. Click on the tabs to the left of the planet information display to open up a submode. The modes from top to bottom are:
  • DEMOGRAPHIC – Shows population migration, unrest and population trends, and desirability factors. Informational only.
  • ECONOMIC – 2 sub modes: cash flow shows projected cash flow for the next turn, sector info shows output, profit/loss per item, and total profit/loss. Also shows subsidys for government and unemployment.
  • PRODUCTION – 2 sub modes: primary display on right shows manufacturing and agriculture sectors, with output, employment, sector level, wages being paid, and the ‘desirability rating’ to the right of the slash following the wages. The higher this number, the more desirable in absolute terms this sector is to pops. The secondary display shows the government sector, science sector, service sector, and unemployment rate. The right side shows designation information, trade info, and stockpiles for food and materials.
  • INTEL – 2 buttons here – you can set up an intel network and stop adding to it with the toggle button here. You will also be able to connect directly to your Intel Prime (not enabled yet). When you have available informers, you will recieve an alert on the Alert Bar in the quadrant view. To assign informers, start a conversation with a character on that planet and click ‘Assign Intel Assets’. Your Intel Prime will actually assign assets based on what they think is best for that level of character; you do not have direct control. If your informers discover something, you will see that information on this panel. You can then blackmail a character by going to their screen and selecting the new ‘Blackmail’ option. All intel choices are in black.
  • You also set planet-level edicts here. To set up an edict, simply click on the edict. It costs 5 ADM to execute an edict, but you can right-click out of the screen at any time without losing the ADM. From here, the edict screen shows up, with the basic information on the top, the edict ADM chain in the middle, and your influence pools on the bottom. To create a valid edict, you must assign enough ADM among your planet, system, sector, and empire levels, along with sufficient materials if needed. Once you have done this, a green checkmark will show on the upper-right corner that you can then click to enact the edict. You may also add one type of influence from your influence pools by clicking on the arrows. The results of your proposed edict will show as as estimated amount for each ‘part’ of the edict that different administrative groups are shouldering. Please note that it costs 1.5 ADM for each system ADM used, 3 ADM for each sector ADM used, and 6 ADM for each Imperial ADM used. It gets very expensive to have your empire capital shoulder the load! There is also some inefficiency with materials should you require their use as well. To cancel an Edict, click on the pending Edict in the Planetary Edicts Pending panel below the available Edicts. It costs 3 ADM to cancel an Edict. If needed, arrows will appear for you to page up/down to show additional Edicts. This system works identically for System Edicts.
  • You may interact with a character by left-clicking on their name if it is in yellow. It costs 1 ADM to interact with a character (0 ADM if they are on New Terra, your capital) regardless of any action you take with them!
  • The Intel screen can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Intel Ministry’ button in the lower button bar. To scroll between pages, press  PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN. There are 2 pages of planet information in this release. To jump to the planet screen, left-click on any planet line.
  • Right now, you ‘win’ if you can attain 90% empire-wise Popular Support, or if you survive 60 years. You may lose to a coup anytime your PoSup drops below 30% – a check is made each turn, with the percentages increasing as your PoSup drops. At 5%, you automatically lose!
  • There is currently no save feature. Iron man only. 🙂

That should be enough to at least get you around the interface. Have fun, and much more to come! (And lower-resolution fans, don’t worry – the next release will have full resolution support on all screens!)

I’m hoping there aren’t many crash bugs, but if there are, could you please add a comment with the error message on this post? I will add more bug tracking functionality on SourceForge later but this will do for now. Please do not send logic-bugs, just crash bugs for now. Thanks!




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UPDATE – Alpha Release 0.225

Hey all,

So I wanted to update everyone on the release of the .225 alpha. The good news it that it will end up being more feature-filled than I had first planned due to some elements being easier to do than I had planned. The less-good news is that it’s not *quite* ready for initial release.

The challenge has been this week in adding and testing the system-level edicts and integrating them into the edict UI. That has pretty much been done. All that is really left to do is to hook up the early ‘win/lose’ statuses (basically, if you survive 60 years, you ‘win’, and if your popular support drops below 30%, you have a chance each turn you remain below 30% to trigger a coup, ending your game; dropping below 10% ends the game automatically) and to finish up adding the last few edicts. The resolutions scaling is done except for the planet screen, and I am working on that as well. In addition (and I had forgotten about this until I was writing out the last things I wanted in this first public build) I need to write an instruction guide for how to play – oops!

While I’m talking about the alpha, I want to make clear what is and is not in this build.

WHAT IS IN: You can create planet level and system level edicts, explore systems and planets, colonize planets and set up outposts, conduct planet-level espionage, create and maintain your trade networks, interact extensively with your viceroys and governors, terraform planets, abandon planets and sectors, and most of the information-level UI and music is now in, including empire-level alerts that will popup as a list on the right-hand side of the quadrant-level view.

The revised system display.Note the expanded information about the sector.
The revised system display.Note the expanded information about the sector.

WHAT IS NOT (YET) IN: You can not access the science, war, finance, diplomacy and emperor info screens, the sector level screen is not yet functional in system view (though the system view is updated as shown above), the scaling functions will be functional (but I STRONGLY recommend that you play with at least a 1400 width monitor), and the ‘secondary selection’ UI for creating edicts needs some major work (currently the only way to assign a system to a sector is to click it from a list, and with no visual frame of reference if you don’t remember which sector you wanted to attach the system to you’ll have to go back to the quadrant screen and get the name). Also, the game is probably not balanced in any fantastic way – the economy works pretty well but I would like a lot of feedback on how the game ‘feels’ as far as how your empire evolves.

What this all means is while I can certainly release ‘a’ build of Imperia today, and it would run just fine (for the most part), the fact that I don’t have the planet screen scaling done yet means that only 1080p monitors would be able to play the game fully at this point. Plus, you’d have no idea how to play beyond maybe reading some of these posts, and I don’t want to release an undocumented game! Even though it’s just an early alpha, I still want it to make a good impression, especially given the number of people that are checking this blog *gulp* 😉 so while I hate to ‘let you down’ today, I hope to have the alpha released ‘very very soon’ as in no more than a few days at most. I work a regular job and I have a family, so I don’t always have a lot of time to devote, but I hope you’ll agree that .225 will be the start of an amazing journey into what I hope will someday become the most innovative space 4X game ever made.

Thank you for your support, and check back very soon!