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Put down riots?

Discussion in 'How do I...' started by bmorris2, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. bmorris2

    bmorris2 Alpha Tester
    Testing The Galaxy, One Star At A Time

    United States
    Feb 27, 2015
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    So, I managed to tick off a sector governor and now (unsurprisingly), I'm finding myself with riots.

    Is there anyway to get rid of them besides getting rid of him?

    Also, as an aside, I thought I removed them from office (they said they'd go...) but then next turn they were right back in their job. Could be wrong though. Didn't save, so can't repeat it.
  2. Texashawk

    Texashawk Developer
    Staff Member Developer Forum Admin

    United States
    Dec 17, 2014
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    As of .412, there are basically 4 ways to get rid of riots:

    1. Find the root cause of the riot and fix it
    2. Crush the rioters under your suppressive armies' feet
    3. Send the disgruntled pops to a prison planet
    4. Wait it out as they burn your planet to the ground
    If you are trying to rule more benevolently (nationalist) you have to discover the rioters' basic unhappiness, and to do that you need intel on the planet. I would recommend cranking your Intel level on the planet to 4 so that you can see the underlying reasons that people are rioting (you will see this on the planet Demographic tab in the middle-bottom). Once you understand the reasons, you can begin to fix them. For example, as you probably have discovered, if people hate your leaders, they will be more prone to unrest. You can also have economic unrest, in which case you can either encourage higher wages (people especially hate being paid pauper wages on a high-ADL world; think of it as earning a laborer's wage in Sudan, say, but being expected to make that tiny sum of money work in America's economy - it's practically impossible) or if people are unhappy about lack of jobs, pass Edicts or talk to the viceroy to expand that sector (or get rid of the viceroy if they don't see your way). If people are unhappy about the bio, terraform the planet (or add more farms; the agriculture sector will passively terraform the planet if it is large enough). And so on.

    If you don't, won't (or can't) do that, then you have some more jackbooted options. If you have an army on a planet (or can move one) you can ask the general to move the army to a suppression or intimidation stance. The general must be willing to do this first, but if they are, the army will start looking for rioters and disgruntled people in general. In .413 they will actively kill rioting Pops in in Suppression mode. Needless to say, this will cause your Tyrannical rating to take a hit. It will also cause people to remember what you have done, and will give other characters pause in dealing with you, especially benevolent ones. You can change the stance of an army back to standby or higher at any time. Also note that activating armies costs more money, and your planet will be expected to support 1/2 the cost, so you may be creating another problem as you solve one.

    Another option is to build a prison planet within colonization range of a planet. (As of .412 there are some issues with PP but I am working on those for .413). Once a prison planet is built or changed from another primary designation, viceroys may send high-unrest Pops to that planet. They won't do this if they are benevolent, however, so you may need to change your viceroy to do this. Future versions of the game will allow you to move viceroys from other planets and select new ones from a 'pool' instead of being selected at random. This is also a Tyrannical option.

    The last way (and worst is simply to let the riots burn themselves out. If there are only minor issues on the planet, the pops will generally leave on their own accord. They will only stay if they can't leave (i.e. no station on the planet and no desirable planets within colonization range). A possible strategy is to colonize a nearby planet to 'dump' your unhappy colonists in, since they get an unrest lowering when they leave. Otherwise, if the core issues aren't fixed, you may have continuous issues, even if pops leave. You have to find the root cause, and there always is one.

    As far as the sector governor not leaving, fixed for .413. That was a long-standing non-functional ability that I forgot to add after testing the code for system governors and viceroys.

    Hope that sheds some light!


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