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Imperia's constellations

Discussion in 'Pavlos' Corner (The Art Forum)' started by pavlosg, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Jan 2, 2015
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    Hello everyone and alienlings !

    I hope you are all fine. It's been a long time since I posted anything on the forum. Why ? Because with Steve and Oliver (dirkGently) we are hard working on the boring-invisible part of the game. Steve's very nearly done with the economy and the population generation part, and both Oliver and him are now working on the character AI routines. It's a challenge, since characters must choose between tons of actions.

    Meanwhile, we are all working on the updated edict system, the character and planet screens, that are now all updated and streamlined. There is also work on the new 'technology' edicts -we simply took it out and dumped it, and replaced 'technology' with 'reform/ evolution/ progress' edicts. Yes indeed, as an emperor, you are not anymore involved into directing researches directly, what you do is pass laws that influences how technology infuses your society and changes it. More on that in a relevant forum post.

    We are also working on the military edict system:
    - the way you choose naval plan edicts that will lead to specific spaceships being built
    - how you choose army strategy through army edicts

    We are basically like ducks: we look all relaxed above the surface, but are swimming hard below it !

    But I digress yet again !

    Back to why I opened this thread in the first place: constellations. Constellations are important to me because they are the basic landmarks in an otherwise featureless expanse of void. I was never too fond of starlanes equivalent forming the backbone of the map's shape because I basically think starlanes are very limiting. Plus you do not have larger formations with a name to remember, or even cluster of formations. Territory is of paramount importance in space, and our ancestors populated the sky eons ago, so that's where the constellations come in.

    The game's constellations are cluster of stars, grouped visually. They where assigned very soon after the Exodus, and still remain of use in the game's time. The constellations' name and shape are all of mythical monsters and creatures, although the inspirations are various (indo-european, indian, chinese, mesopotamian, african etc...).

    Below is a sample of 25 game constellations. You can recognize a wyvern, griffin, chimera, dragon and harpy, but also Quetzalcoatl, Airavata, Garuda, Kamadhenu, a Lamassu and the Azure Dragon. All cultures are contributing.


    As you can see in the top left ones, the constellations are made up of stars and lines connecting them. An average constellation contains about seven stars, and not all of the star locations will be taken by a star worthy of appearing in the game.

    I hope you like the designs: I can guarantee you they will look fantastic in the game, as well as being useful to find your way in your empire.

    take care !
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