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Development Diary #5: Holiday musings...

Discussion in 'Development Diaries - Written' started by Texashawk, Jan 13, 2016.

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    Dec 17, 2014
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    Hey everyone! Hope you had a great holiday and you've made some kick-ass resolutions for 2016 - I know I have! Anyway, we've (well, I, Oliver's been working his a$$ off!) finished our break and are back into the design and planning full-time.

    Currently, we're working on the endgame conditions and the military system, among other things. I think Oliver will post a DD on the military system, because I think it's rather elegant and fits nicely into the rest of the Project/Action system. Basically, you create Forces with starships, warships, transports, ground forces, etc. depending on their use, and you can then create War Plans that specifiy a high-level goal, a target(s), a time frame, and the amount of resources you want to allocate to the Plan. For example, say you want to take a star system from an unruly neighbor. You can preplan by assembling a Force (think fleet for old-navy types) or Forces to do this. You will be either able to assemble it yourself (using AP of course) or designate a type of Force and your War Prime will create it for you using a few set parameters. Basically, the more micro you are in your military, the more AP it will cost you to be so, and early on you literally won't be able to do anything else if you're microing the military early.

    When you create a War Plan, you will simply designate a target - i.e. the Polaris System, the Action - i.e. to capture with infrastructure intact - and a Force Allocation Level (light, moderate, heavy, overwhelming). This will let your War Prime know how many assets they can contribute to this War Plan as a percentage of what you have available throughout your Empire. From there, they will focus on getting your Forces to the system, assigning generals, and actually executing the Plan. You will not be moving ships in real time. There is no tactical module - sorry peeps, but this is about a grand scale game and as the Emperor, you are not the one pushing around ships. You've got more important things to worry about. There will be a detailed results/action screen that you can review to see what's happening and why, but you will not have direct control over the results. Think of it like EU or even Dominons, where you send your armies and they have general orders but you do not control them - you basically get to read the battle report and tweak based on what happened.

    Anyway, please like our Facebook page if you believe in what we're doing! Some of you have asked about how you can support the project monetarily. We really appreciate your enthusiasm! While you don't have to give us money, if you really want to support us you can spread the word about Imperia. The more people that know we exist, the better off the game will be, and the more input we'll have to make a really special game. Please PM us if you want more information or want to know the best ways to spread the word. Thanks!


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